Translation Agency 7Polyglossia TRANSLATIONS, in cooperation with a well-trained team of experienced lawyers and specialized associates – translators, philosophers and lawyers, provides the necessary knowledge and the correct terminology for translations. In particular, it performs all types of translations and validations of the following documents:

– Legal documents: applications, court judgments, claims, declarations, contracts, confirmations, real estate purchases, etc.

– Medical documents: examinations, diagnoses, opinions, medical histories, referrals, certificates, clinical examinations, medication instructions, etc.

– University documents: diplomas, degrees, certificates, diplomas, certificates, testimonials, CVs, etc.

– Public documents: birth certificates, family status certificates, contracts, certificates, attestations, certificates, attestations, etc.

– Financial documents: statements of accounts, tax returns, contracts, agreements, agreements, financial statements, balances, pensions, etc., as well as simple texts, publications and books in all the Balkan languages, in the main European languages, and in Chinese, Arabic, Afghan, Georgian, Farsi, Urdu, Persian, etc.

Realizing that translation is a set of activities and services, in addition to translation, considerable attention is paid to text editing. An appropriate way to ensure the authenticity and quality of the translated texts provided to clients is to have them reviewed by trained professionals, usually from the country for which the translation is being done. Linguistic checking and editing of the translations is the last and most important part of the process.

Our services also include language checking and proofreading of already translated texts and audio recordings, ensuring that the texts are handled perfectly and that the terminology is in line with the subject matter, to achieve the best possible end result.

At firm 7Polyglossia TRANSLATIONS, translations are also carried out remotely, via e-mail, from all over Greece and abroad.

The modern method of translation, its compliance with international quality standards, guarantees a high level of service to the clients of 7Polyglossia TRANSLATIONS.

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