The 7Polyglossia translation office in collaboration with the Thessaloniki District Court offers interpreting services in Bulgarian and Greek.The word “interpretation” can have a wide range of meanings for people based on their background, training or experience in the interpreting profession. However, the best definition of this word is that developed by a Canadian Interpretation working group:

“Interpretation is a communication process that seeks to reveal the concepts and relationships of our cultural and natural heritage, by engaging with objects, objects, landscapes and spaces.”

It should be emphasized that the process of interpretation is not simply to provide information, but rather it is a specific communication strategy used to translate information to people, from the technical language of the expert, into the daily language of the visitor.


Last updated on 14 January 2020


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The judicial translator must have a C1 or C2 level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, in the relevant foreign language. He should not have been convicted of a crime• not to be deprived of the right to pursue a profession or activity • not to exercise judicial functions in the judicial system and to have a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria if he is a foreigner.

The activities of translators in litigation are based on the following principles: legality, procedural independence of the translator; • conscientiousness, objectivity, accuracy and completeness of translation; • confidentiality and respect for professional ethics.

The district and administrative courts, as well as the specialized criminal court, keep records containing lists of experts certified as interpreters.

The judicial interpreter shall have free access and may consult the case in which the translation has been made, receive priority copies of the documents and information in court, the public prosecutor, the judicial authorities, the administrative authorities and other departments and only on the basis of judicial translator status, which he attests by submitting a court card.

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