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The translation and legalization company 7Polyglossia TRANSLATIONS strives to meet modern service requirements by offering a variety of additional services and activities such as: private and group training, as well as seminars in Bulgarian and Greek for Bulgarians and foreigners.

The courses and seminars we organize are aimed at the successful acquisition of spoken and written language, as well as a wide range of rich vocabulary related to communication in family, social, professional and educational environments, also basic knowledge of the cultural traditions of the respective country.

Training is provided at different levels of competence in the chosen language (A1, A2, B1, B2, D1, D2), depending on the needs and wishes of the clients. It is carried out both in the company’s office and remotely, using videoconferencing/Skype/, at a time convenient for you. When delivering online seminars, study materials are sent electronically as envelopes – a more flexible and cheaper way of teaching that also has high end results.

At your disposal are modern methods and a wealth of study materials that guarantee an effective training program.

We pay special attention to the training of pupils and prospective students, as spelling and punctuation errors reduce the score when conducting examinations. Emphasis is placed on language culture and its application. The number of lessons, frequency and time period are entirely up to you, depending on your needs and objectives.

The duration of the course is within 45 minutes, applies to both types of training – private lessons via face-to-face or via internet/Skype/ and is paid ex
paid in advance, according to the prices agreed by both parties.

Payment for distance learning courses can be made by bank deposit, postal delivery or courier services.

If you have a business activity in one of the neighbouring countries (Bulgaria or Greece), want to develop and expand your business or travel frequently to one of the two countries, it would be good to speak the required language at a good level for successful transactions, for work or travel. Such an investment provides secure and lasting results in both better management of your business and better communication with the people you work with.

The business courses in Bulgarian and Greek are also tailored to the needs of office associates, who are involved on a daily basis in preparing numerous documents and materials of any nature, translating or conducting business meetings and correspondence for the company they work for. Any letters, documents or promotional materials that contain spelling errors or incorrect use of punctuation can have an extremely negative impact on communication. Therefore, our office has prepared an accelerated course of professional language training in the language of your choice, giving priority to basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistic and pronunciation rules.

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