According to the “Association of Certified Translators” the documents to be translated are classified into the following four categories which are common to both public and private documents:

А CATEGORY: 1) Certificates of birth, baptism, marriage, death, marital status, NIL criminal record, 2) Municipal certificates and other certificates, 3) Driving licenses, 4) Passports, 5) Medical certificates without medical conditions, 6) Licenses residence, 7) Summons of witnesses, 8) APOSTILLE notation, 9) Personal documents – private letters.

B CATEGORY: 1) Evidence of studies (degrees – diplomas), 2) Detailed rating of degrees – Certificates of studies, 3) Certificates (medical, military), 4) Etiquette letters, 5) Tax declarations, 6) Invoices – receipts of services, 7) Certificates (Services, Organizations, Banks, European Union), 8) Criminal records with content, 9) Medical certificates with medical conditions, 10) Work – teaching permits, 11) Letters of recommendation, 12) Responsible statements, 13) CV’s simply, 14) Announcements – Advertisements in the press, 15) Simple correspondence of Greek public services with international organizations and the E.U.

C CATEGORY: 1) Medical diagnostic reports, 2) Judicial decisions – minutes of courts – powers of attorney, 3) Statutes of companies – associations, 4) Documents with economic – technical – scientific terms, 5) Analytical study guides, 6) Balance sheets of companies, 7) Government Gazette Sheets, 8) Announcements – Advertisements in the press (with terminology), 9) Personal documents – private letters (with terminology), 10) Testament documents, 11) CVs with terminology, 12) Service decisions for work permits, 13 ) Online press texts, 14) Speeches, meeting minutes, 15) Complex correspondence of Greek public services with international organizations and the EU, 16) Reports-reports from and to the EU, 17) EU legislation texts, 18) Documents of political importance (communications, speeches), 19) Documents related to court cases (legal assistance, international and European arrest warrant), 20) Documents related to EU policies, 21) Manuals (policy , actions, information).

D CATEGORY: 1) Handwritten medical reports, 2) Handwritten court decisions – powers of attorney – court records, 3) Handwritten witness statements, 4) Handwritten financial – technical – scientific terms, 5) Handwritten divorce decisions, 6) Handwritten personal documents – informal letters, 7) Handwritten CV’s with terminologies, 8) Handwritten service decisions for work permits, 9) Handwritten wills, 10) Handwritten autopsy reports, 11) Handwritten notarial acts of Greek or foreign registries.

Texts of which at least one third of the content is handwritten are characterized as manuscripts.

For the proper execution of their work, certified translators are supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is responsible for carrying out checks, inspections and investigations, either following a relevant complaint, or ex officio.

Any culpable and imputable act or omission of the certified translator contrary to the provisions hereof shall constitute an offense and shall be punished in accordance with the provisions hereof…

Authorizing provisions

  • By decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the “Register of Certified Translators” is drawn up and every specific related issue is regulated, such as the way and order of listing, posted data and information, classification and search method. With a similar decision, the conditions and the supporting documents for participation in the tender procedure of part b of par. 2 of article 147, the method of examination, as well as any more specific matter of selection of certified translators are determined.
  • By joint decision of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Digital Governance, the detailed issues concerning the “Approved Electronic Signature”, the operation of the information system and the “Unique Serial Number” (barcode) are regulated.
  • By joint decision of the Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs, the minimum legal remuneration of certified translators is determined. With a similar decision, the remuneration may be adjusted.
  • By decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the content of the categories of documents to be translated may be changed.


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