The trademark is a product of intellectual property and the property of the owner.

The trademark is a product of intellectual property and the property of the owner. The registration of a trademark gives the owner the right to use the trademark exclusively, in any way, on its products and/or services, on packaging and on any type of printed material. It thus helps to identify the origin of the product or service by the user. The registration is for ten (10) years and may be renewed every ten years and for an unlimited number of decades…

A trade mark may consist of any signs, including – names of persons or designs, letters, numbers, colours, the shape of the product or packaging of the goods or sounds. The above signs must be capable of being presented in the trade mark register in such a way that the competent authorities and the public can clearly and accurately identify the subject matter of the protection afforded to the proprietor.

A few months ago I received an email from a competing company called “Polyglot”, similar to my own “7Polyglot”, recommending the following:

“The word “multilingual” has a 2010 registration status, i.e. it is protected in favour of our company…, it is a nationally registered trademark. This essentially means that our company has the exclusive right to use the word “multilingual” for the above services, while its use by another person or company for the same services constitutes trademark infringement and unfair use as it confuses consumers…

We are satisfied that the choice of your office name was not deliberately made in violation of the above, nor was there any intent of impersonation on your part. However, you understand that since there is a question of identity and confusion, you must take appropriate action in accordance with the law, good manners and of course the spirit of collegiality. We are in no way prepared to resort to legal action and we expect a healthy and fair outcome of the matter…”

For this reason, after four years of company activity, I had to embark on a complete overhaul of the website, the office sign and all electronic media related to communication. It turned out to be a time-consuming, laborious and financially burdensome process. Therefore, I would recommend that anyone intending to register companies for any activity, before naming their company, seek information from the Trade Register if the name is free to use.

Electronic trademark registration

You can submit your trademark and obtain the exclusive right to use it for your products or services.

You will need:

– your personal Taxisnet passwords,

– legalisation of documents, if the beneficiary is a company,

– a power of attorney for the appointment of a representative with the signature of the depositor or with the stamp and signature of the legal representative of the company,

– a promissory note, if a proxy has been appointed.


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